Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

ConPapTex Equipments introduces Slitter Rewinder Machines (Light & Heavy Duty) with Timing Belt Arrangement for noise-free smooth working. We also manufacturer of Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine for various industries like flexible packaging, paper.

Slitter Rewinder Machine

Our Drum Type Slitting Rewinding Machine comes in use for Slitting of all types of material. Different types of Plastic & Paper Materials are used for different type of applications like, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, BOPP Film, etc.



  • Web width 1000mm to 2500mm
  • Heavy duty side wall to ensure vibration free running at high speed.
  • Drum Rollers with hard chrome.
  • High efficiency Blower to collect the trim
  • Independent mechanical clutch assembly
  • All drive through gears for Main drum NIP Roller and DC drive
  • Auto Tension Control
  • Auto Web Aligner

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