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Rubber Rolls

Rubber Rollers

Wide range of coating with hardness depending on type of printing and with thickness of M. S. Shell. Featuring with Long Life and excellent bonding on face length & side coating also specialized cambering on high-tech automated CNC machine. Application of the Roll like Guide Rolls, Nip Rolls, Pressure Rolls, and Squeeze Roll Etc

Ebonite Rollers

Ebonite Rubber Rollers finds immense usage in various industries. Ebonite Rubber Rollers finds immense usage in various industries. Ebonite Rubber Roller is offered to the clients in rock bottom prices and within a stipulated time frame.

Guide Rollers

We have with us a range of high quality guide rollers that are made from selected grades of raw material. Design with precision, these rollers facilitate uniform distribution of the load and assist the roller bearings to handle much greater loads.

Brush Rollers

Brush rollers or roller brushes pharmaceuticals industries, strip brushes, applicator brushes and such other related products. They are also known, are used for brushing machines and for cloth finishing operations.

Super Hard Rubber Rolls

We manufacture Rubber Rolls with any type of material with any desired Hardness for some of the rough process. Super hard rubber roller with

Inflatable Rubber Tube

Rubber tubes are extensively used in textile spinning machines and air expanding shafts. Conpaptex Equipments have been manufacturing inflatable rubber tubes from last 25 years.

Nip Rolls

Nip Rollers are widely used for Printing Machine and Slitting Machine. Our Nip Rolls are manufacture with high precision with balanced surface to avoid any gap between main roll and nip roll.

Pinch Rollers

We offer these rollers in varied dimensions and sizes so that our range can exceed the expectations of our clients. Our range is highly acknowledged for its features like abrasion resistant and is hardness.

Printing Rollers

All our Printing Rollers are basic and primary accessory for web process control. Even surface, appropriate material of coating according to the application, uniform hardness over the surface, along with precision workmanship play vital roll in performance of the rubber roller.

Impression Rollers

Conpaptex Equipments have been manufacturing, exporting and supplying Selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material.

P U Rollers

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of P U Roller from India. P U roller with high quality material for Industrial use to meet International Standard

Silicone Rollers

We offer comprehensive range of silicone rubber rollers we offer finds extensive use across various industries. The range of Silicone Rubber Rollers also undergoes stringent quality control tests to ensure the best products are delivered in the market.

Recoating Rubber Rolls

Conpaptex Equipments do re-coating of all types of Rubber Roller with any shore hardness / our Factory is equipped to do re-coating of any old Roller and make it brand new. Re Coating or rubber roller with high quality material to meet international industry standards

Screen Exposing Tube

Screen exposing tube is a special design to get effective result of Rotary Screen Printing with premium quality.

Rubber Lining

Mainly used in Chemical Industries for its anticorrosive quality & its resistance against all kinds of acids.

EPDM Rubber Rollers

We manufacture EPDM Rollers for dedicated UV / EB printing, special EPDM Rollers compounds are offered by us.

Neoprene Rubber Rollers

We supply Neoprene Rubber Roller fabricated with premium quality to meet Industry Standard per client’s requirements

Hypalon Rubber Rollers

We are a leading manufacture, exporter of Hypalon rubber roller from India.

Plastic Rollers

Manufacture high impact rigid PVC tube, solid high density polyethylene and ultra high molecular weight plastic.